Baby Sleep

No Sleep Problem Too Big or Too Small That Sleep Supernanny Can’t Solve

Instead of struggling with bedtime, night wakings and even catnaps….what if your little angel just happily goes to bed on his own or her own and gets a good peaceful night’s sleep? We (yes we include your little sweet angel!) are all going to be much happier and less crankier with better night’s sleep. And all this dream can become a reality in just a few nights or so! We know how frustrating it can be having a baby who just refused to sleep when you know they are really tired – because we’ve been there. We were mombies too and we have dealt with overtired babies! Not just ours but hundreds of our clients’. You may have heard so many conflicting advice “Just let baby cry!” “It’s okay they will outgrow them eventually!” But seriously when you wondered silently in exhaustion. Nothing seems to be working anymore! Don’t worry! Sleep Supernanny to the rescue!

Let's Kiss Sleepless Nights Goodbye Right Away!

Prenatal & Newborn (0-3 months)

Are you expecting or the parent to a brand new bundle of joy? Congratulations! This is the best time to foster healthy sleep habits and set your baby up with the right sleep foundation! I personally fostered healthy sleep habits for my no. 4 from day 1 – the moment I brought her home from the hospital and it was the best thing ever!

Infant and Young Toddler (3 - 23 months)

This is the most common age group that we help tackle! All the sleep issues and you may have heard about the infamous 4 months sleep regression or 9 months or 18 months sleep regression. So whatever issues you have, we will help you fix it! No struggles too hard for us to handle. We have seen it all.

Older Toddler and Big kid (2-5 years old)

If you are thinking, “Oh no! It’s too late for my child to sleep well…” NOPE not at all. Never too late to give your toddler/preschooler the chance to get good quality sleep! If you have a child who needs you to be there until they fall asleep and still waking up in the middle of the night or perhaps you have a constant night time visitor coming to your bedroom, you can still fix it!

Bbay Sleep Package Overview

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