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How Much is Sleep Deprivation Costing Your Business?

  • Do you notice that your staff is getting tired and stressed out all the time?
  • Are some of your staff working parents?
  • Have you noticed that your staff are getting more and more sleep deprived each day?
  • Are they constantly frowning and yawning and feeling stressed?

Did you know that in a recent survey done by a multivitamins company, 97% respondents said that they are tired all the time? Our society places a lot of emphasis on healthy diet but did you know the effects of poor sleep, can create a significant impact on our physical, mental and emotional health and in turn a negative impact on our work performance?

As you may know, Singapore’s workforce is made up of a large proportion of working parents with babies and toddlers and these same group of people almost always suffer from some level of sleep deprivation.

The reason being is that these employees are the parents of children who have a number of sleep problems that constantly require Mummy or Daddy to do something to help them get back to sleep in the middle of the night. These adults experience broken night sleep every night, poor quality, non-restorative sleep, resulting in an overtired employee at the start of each working day.

A 2018 online survey showed that Singapore is the 2nd most sleep-starved country globally and going through a pandemic has impacted our ability to get sufficient sleep, with the average dropping from 7 hours in 2020 to 6.8 hours in 2021, not to mention an overall decline in sleep quality as well.

The knock on effect to business is not to be underestimated. Tired, stressed and less productive employees. Sound familiar? In fact, a recent US survey estimated that sleep deprivation costs the nation an estimated $150 billion a year due to lost workdays and drops in productivity.

No amount of courses or team bonding would help boost productivity level and staff morale if your staff are just not getting enough sleep every single night.

Companies have a vested interest in helping their staff overcome child sleep issues and their own sleep issues and counter the negative effects of sleep deprivation at work that would potentially see less lost workdays, fewer mistakes and better productivity.

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As a sleep expert for both children and adults, I will work with your business to help your staff overcome their child sleep problems and also counter the negative effects of sleep deprivation at work. I offer businesses my services in running workshops, seminars and giving talks to hardworking, stressed out professionals as well as parents who need help with getting their children to sleep better.

When everyone sleeps well in the family, your staff productivity and morale will increase as well.
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