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Zoe Chu is a sleep expert to hardworking entrepreneurs and high
achievers whose stress load is aggravated by insomnia.

About You

Employees, High Achievers and Mompreneurs

You love life. That’s just how it is. You know what you want and kinda have an idea how to get there but having the memory of an 80 year old and the energy of sloth is not helping you get there…or just surviving your regular routine for that matter. (Grab is earning it’s Christmas Bonus on you alone because you are too scared to drive and fall asleep behind the wheel)

You know that you are smart and witty but right now your focus is escaping you all the time and you don’t get the simplest joke yet alone have a smarty pants reply ready when you need them.

About You & Your Sleep


You never thought that something as natural as sleep could get in the way of you building your dream home with the career enabling you to combine ambition and time for yourself.

You worked so, so hard to get where you are right now and yet you cannot enjoy it. You are too tired, too miserable but nobody really gets it. Having a bad night or being tired because you binged on Netflix too long is not the same as twisting and turning night after night.

When you do have time, you sneak away to get a nap instead of taking advantage of it to enjoy your kids or your friends for a round of girl talk or man talk #momguilt (or #dadguilt) #friendguilt #alloverguilt

It is just getting too much! The responsibilities and your body being so tired is scary and you don’t know how to gain control again.

Your parents would probably be scoffing at you if they heard you complain about something as silly as sleep and yet not getting enough of it is dominating your day from the moment you wake up to the moment…well… when you don’t fall asleep, even though you want to.

I get it. And it sucks!

About Zoe Chu

Zoe Chu is a sleep expert to hardworking entrepreneurs and high achievers whose stress load is aggravated by insomnia.

Ready to Make a Change?

It’s easy to think, “this is just how it is”…but it doesn’t have to be this way.


Your Sleep BFF Consulting



4 lab tests you can take from home with my guidance and are shipped back to the lab via courier (no need to go to the lab or the clinic) Just do it from the comfort of your own home.


6 sessions where we look into your test results and implement proven and tested stress resilience techniques—because we’ve got to look at both of the two sleep saboteurs (body & mind) or else you’ll keep getting sleepless nights.


4 months of private follow up support from sleep consultant

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Your Dream

At the end of the Sleep Program You will be able to:

Gain clarity and know the exact steps to get yourself to sleep well

Achieve your ideal sleep goals

Have a renewed energy to be the best and healthier version of YOU everyday

Feel happier, more confident and fulfilled knowing sleep won't get in the way on achieveing your life goals


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